13 years ago, we put a radical notion on the map: that cars can be a thing you share, not a thing you own. Incredibly, it worked. So thank you.

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Welcome to City CarShare. The Bay Area’s only nonprofit carsharing organization.

Back in 2001, the idea of sharing cars with people you didn’t even know was unusual, to say the least.

But that didn’t stop a small, determined group of transportation activists from making it happen. Together with other local nonprofits and funders, along with the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, they founded City CarShare. And locations (we call them “Pods”) started sprouting up everywhere, like Bay Area wild fennel.

From our grassroots fleet of 12 Volkswagen Beetles, we’ve grown into an area-wide network with hundreds of fuel-efficient cars, thousands of members, and dozens of partnerships with businesses, transportation agencies, and other groups.

Founders 10th anniversary

City CarShare founders at our 10th Anniversary Gala.

After 10 years, we’re still the Bay’s only nonprofit carsharing organization. We’re proud of that. And even prouder that we’re making our home a greener, more relaxing place to live by cutting down on pollution and giving you a way to save money.


2013 infographic


We’re working hard to make carsharing even more affordable, more reliable, more convenient, and just plain cooler. Our long-term goal: eliminating car dependency.

Want to be a part of our mission? Join us, support us, or read our guide to starting up carsharing in your community: Short version; Long version.

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