Accessibility and Assistance for Members with Disabilities

City CarShare makes reasonable accommodations to enable members with disabilities to have equal access to its car sharing services. In accordance with the law, as well as our own mission, all vehicles are available to all members equally and without discrimination on a self-service, individually-directed basis. All members may reserve and utilize available network vehicles 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. In addition, members have multiple options for making and changing reservations for carsharing use, including web access, cell phone, land phone, touch tone response, and in-person support.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and California law, City CarShare offers the following reasonable accommodations to its members with disabilities:

Allowing members to bring support animals in all vehicles, without the requirement to place the support animal in a carrier. City CarShare asks that the member consider placing a towel or sheet under the animal, in the vehicle, as a courtesy to other members.

Allowing members to install accessible equipment (e.g. portable hand controls) in appropriate vehicles. Consistent with our self-service model, members are responsible for their own installation and removal of equipment.

Providing additional time, on request, free of charge for the installing/removal of accessible equipment, for transporting support animals, and for other time-related needs directly related to the disability.

Providing ‘no-charge live-person’ reservation support via phone after normal business hours.

Assisting the member through referral to a rental car partner for longer-term trips and access to pre-installed accessible equipment.

Providing a membership plan that does not require the member with a disability to have a driver’s license but allows another ‘household’ member access to drive without additional charges or fees. The additional member must meet City CarShare standard driving requirements. 

Carsharing is, by definition, a self-service mobility program providing shared vehicles at unattended locations. One of the fundamental characteristics of City CarShare’s service is that access and use of vehicles is solely at the discretion of the member without requiring any staff or attendant support.

While it is not required under applicable law, City CarShare currently offers the following two programs as an additional service to our community, which may be continued by City CarShare in its sole discretion:

City CarShare and the City of Berkeley have made the industry’s first wheelchair accessible van available for all members to share. The AccessMobile is currently available at locations within one block of the the following BART stations: Downtown Berkeley, Ashby, Powell, Glen Park. They can accommodate up to two wheelchairs and four additional passengers.

If a member with a disability does not have his/her own hand controls but desires to take a trip using hand controls, upon request (made to a City CarShare representative at 415-995-8588) least 7 days prior to the date that the vehicle is needed, City CarShare will accommodate the request by setting up its designated accessible car with hand controls available for the member.