(Sept. 2010) City CarShare and Spride Launch First Personal Car Sharing Pilot


City CarShare and Spride Launch First Personal Car Sharing Pilot
Calif. Gov. Schwarzenegger signs historic transportation model into law
(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) September 29, 2010 – City CarShare, a Bay Area nonprofit car sharing organization, and Spride, a provider of personal vehicle sharing services, and today announced the availability of the first personal vehicle share within a car sharing fleet. Through City CarShare’s existing car share network, the new “Spride Share” pilot program enables car owners to participate in car sharing by adding their cars to City CarShare’s fleet in San Francisco. The Spride Share program will allow owners to offset the costs and environmental impact of private car ownership while providing car share members increased access to a variety of green vehicles. 

The Spride and City CarShare pilot coincides with today’s news that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed CA Assembly Bill 1871 into law. This new law establishes that personal vehicle sharing does not constitute a commercial use of the automobile. This eliminates the primary barrier to broader adoption of personal car sharing opportunities. Prior to the bill’s passage, car owners ran the risk of losing personal auto insurance upon receiving compensation for sharing their car for renumeration. 

“With the passage of AB1871, California has laid the groundwork for transforming transportation services,” said Sunil Paul, CEO and founder of Spride Share. “We are excited to launch the first personal car sharing pilot in a car sharing fleet, and I am thrilled to be part of the first wave of participants by enrolling my Toyota Highlander Hybrid.” While the average car sits idle for 90 percent of its lifetime, the Spride Share program allows owners to offset rising automobile costs by sharing their vehicles within City CarShare’s trusted network. Members (drivers) will simply visit the City CarShare website (or use a mobile phone application) to reserve an automobile, which is then accessed with a secure, electronic key fob. Spride’s vehicles are equipped with City CarShare’s proven access and tracking technology, maximizing the safety of loaning a personal automobile. 

“Our mission is to reduce the impact and reliance of automobiles through provision of a low cost, reliable transportation service. By adding Spride Share vehicles to our fleet, we can extend our service to more people in more locations through better utilization of existing vehicles,” said Rick Hutchinson, CEO of City CarShare. “Incorporating Spride’s new model brings us one step closer to helping our communities become transit-oriented while mitigating carbon emissions.” 

Spride pilot participant Scott Lebus added: “I love that I can lend my car to neighbors and friends while adding extra cash to my bank account. It feels great to partake in a new, tech-savvy program that is bringing people and resources together to make a difference.” 

An expanded Spride Share program will commence statewide when AB 1871 is enacted on January 1, 2011. Bay Area car owners interested in taking part in Spride’s pilot, or securing a role in the full-scale program, can learn more by visiting www.spride.com

About Spride Share
Spride is a San Francisco, California-based company that helps people reduce personal car use by coordinating transportation services. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Sunil Paul, Spride’s personal vehicle sharing project, Spride Share, uses information technology and social networks to facilitate personal vehicle sharing, significantly offsetting the costs and environmental impact of car ownership. Car owners can make their vehicles available for hourly reservations to their trusted network, and members can conveniently locate, reserve and gain access to a car using their smart phone. For more information visit www.spride.com. Contact Lily Kaiserman at spride@antennagroup.com

About City CarShare
City CarShare (CCS) is a Bay Area nonprofit that provides convenient, affordable access to shared cars in order to reduce individual car ownership and usage. With a mission to improve the environment and quality of life in our cities, City CarShare continually strives to make their service so convenient, so reliable, and so affordable that people will prefer using a CCS car to owning their own. In doing so, CCS members are reducing traffic, parking problems, and dependence on oil–while promoting cleaner air, quieter streets, and more open space. For more information visit citycarshare.org. Contact Anita Daley (415) 970-6217, adaley@citycarshare.org