(Feb. 2009) City CarShare Partners in Newsom's Green Vehicle Showcase


City CarShare Partners in Newsom’s Green Vehicle Showcase
Event to highlight green vehicles and local car sharing organization
SAN FRANCISCO (February 18, 2009) – Today, City CarShare (CCS) is participating in Mayor Newsom’s Green Vehicle Showcase that will highlight the next generation of environmentally responsible vehicles. CCS is providing a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that will be part of the display as well as available to CCS members to use for their transportation needs. 

“City CarShare is pleased to participate in the Mayor’s Green Vehicle Showcase,” said Rick Hutchinson, CEO of City CarShare, which has been a partner with the city since 2001. “We are proud to be working with 3Prong Power to highlight a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), which represents the next step in the evolution of fuel-efficient automobiles. The combination of responsible car-sharing and low emission vehicles such as this one will improve the environment as well as the quality of life for all San Franciscans.” 

In partnership with 3Prong Power, a Berkeley, CA based corporation that develops, integrates, and services plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in Berkeley and the Bay Area, CCS is able to provide this car to CCS members. “Using 3Prong Power’s innovative technology, CarShare drivers can now drive primarily on the battery charge from an electrical socket for the cleanest driving experience available on the market,” said Daniel Sherwood, President of 3Prong Power. “We are pleased to support the Showcase by donating a percentage of the cost for the conversion of the CCS vehicle to support the aim of today’s program.” While this is the first PHEV in the CCS fleet, CCS is exploring additional vehicles like this, as well as other highly efficient transportation options. “We are proud to have been on the forefront of the carshare movement in San Francisco. The addition of a PHEV to our fleet is just the latest in a long list of examples of our commitment to improving the environment while providing a true alternative to individual car ownership. In 2009, CCS members will save almost 35 million lbs of CO2 in the Bay Area by using our efficient fleet to meet their transportation needs,” said Brent O’Brien, Director of Member Services. 

The Green Vehicle Showcase is located in front of City Hall along the plaza. CCS supports the Mayor’s Green Vision to make San Francisco a test ground for the PHEV technology and is pleased to be part of this pilot project. 

About City CarShare: 
City CarShare (CCS) is a Bay Area nonprofit that provides convenient, affordable access to shared cars in order to reduce individual car ownership and usage. With a mission to improve the environment and quality of life in our cities, City CarShare continually strives to make their service so convenient, so reliable, and so affordable that people will prefer using a CCS car to owning their own. In doing so, CCS members are helping to reduce traffic, parking problems, and dependence on oilÑwhile promoting cleaner air, quieter streets, and more open space. For more information about membership and current promotions visit citycarshare.org. 

About 3Prong Power, Inc. 
3Prong Power is Berkeley, CA based company that offers innovative solutions for clean transportation. Plug-in electric technology reduces dependence on oil and presents a clean air solution to urban smog issues and climate change. Electrical engineer and solar energy expert Daniel Sherwood and entrepreneur Paul Guzyk founded 3Prong Power. For more information go towww.3prongpower.com 

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