(Dec. 2008) Dump Your Car in 2009: Top Ten Reasons to Join City CarShare in the New Year


Dump Your Car in 2009: Top Ten Reasons to Join City CarShare in the New Year
SAN FRANCISCO (December 19, 2008) – Today, City CarShare (CCS) released its top 10 reasons why people should join the Bay Area’s only nonprofit car sharing organization as their first act to ring in the New Year.
Top Ten Reasons to Join City CarShare
  1. Not owning a car is the new black.
  2. Think global, share local! City CarShare is the Bay Area’s only native nonprofit car sharing organization.
  3. Al Gore wants you to do this. (Well, he didn’t actually say that, but we’re pretty sure he would support our cause).
  4. Give Yourself a Raise in 2009: City CarShare members save $500-$700 per month by not owning a car.
  5. Breathe Easier: City CarShare members will remove 25 million pounds of CO2 by reducing their driving this year.
  6. We’re easy: City CarShare pods are located at many BART stations and in other convenient locations; visit citycarshare.org for a map.
  7. Variety is the Spice of Life: Why own one car when you can choose from hundreds of cars representing 15 different types of fuel-efficient, low emission automobiles every time you use City CarShare?
  8. Save a Polar Bear: If “drill baby drill” did not amuse you, then you’re ready to join City CarShare.
  9. You’ll be healthier. (We can’t actually promise this, but if you walk more, ride a bike or use public transportation and drive less, chances are good.)
  10. We’ll share with anyone: City CarShare has the only wheelchair accessible vehicle of any car share program nationwide as well as programs that serve the needs of low income users.

City CarShare (CCS) is a Bay Area nonprofit that provides convenient, affordable access to shared cars in order to reduce individual car ownership and usage. With a mission to improve the environment and quality of life in our cities, City CarShare continually strives to make their service so convenient, so reliable, and so affordable that people will prefer using a CCS car to owning their own. In doing so, CCS members are helping to reduce traffic, parking problems, and dependence on oil — while promoting cleaner air, quieter streets, and more open space. For more information about membership and current promotions visit citycarshare.org or call (415) 995-8588. 

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Anita Daley, City CarShare, adaley@citycarshare.org, (415) 970-6217