Here's something you've never heard in the Bay Area before: we're running out of parking spots.

We’ve added new cars to our fleet. Lend us your spot, and make carsharing easier for your neighbors.

The demand for carsharing is growing. Word is getting out about how this growing trend saves local folks time, money, and aggravation.

We’re supplying the cars. But here in the Bay Area, parking is slightly harder to come by.

If you own or manage property, and have a parking spot to share, we’d love to hear from you.That’s where you come in. Check out our report on Managing Residential Parking in Urban Developments with Carsharing and Unbundling.


Put your cash to use. Make a large or small donation by contacting or sending us a check (mail to: City CarShare, Attn: Finance, 28 Geary Street, Suite 590, San Francisco, 94108). Your donation will support our programs, move our mission forward, and you’ll get a receipt that you can use for a tax deduction (as allowed by law).


Put your skills to use. Past volunteers have helped with outreach, office work, or more complex projects. Email us for more information.

Your turn.

Make a real, green difference. Join today for convenience, great rates, and Bay Area pride you can’t get anywhere else. Need more information? Check out our member benefits, or discover a plan that’s right for you.

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