(June 17, 2014) City CarShare Partners with Next Village San Francisco To Expand Green Transportation Options for Senior Citizens


SAN FRANCISCO–– City CarShare, a nonprofit Bay Area carsharing provider, and Next Village San Francisco, a nonprofit providing support to help seniors remain in their own homes and reduce their isolation from society, announced today a partnership that will expand green transportation access and options to senior citizens throughout the northeastern area of San Francisco.

As part of the agreement, Next Village is encouraging prospective volunteers to donate 12 hours of their time quarterly in exchange for a complimentary, one-year City CarShare membership.

Through the use of City CarShare vehicles, Next Village volunteers assist elderly members in conducting daily errands, such as going to the grocery store and doctor appointments—activities that can seem monumental in a city with few parking options and steep hills to navigate.

“Our partnership with Next Village is yet another example of bringing affordable and convenient mobility options to underserved segments of the Bay Area,” said Rick Hutchinson, City CarShare’s CEO. “At City CarShare, we also have AccessMobiles which are the nation’s first wheelchair-accessible carshare vehicles, and the CommunityShare program which subsidizes membership service fees and driving costs for low- to- moderate income earners.”

“Our mission here at Next Village is to make it easier for senior citizens to stay in their homes,” said Jacqueline Zimmer Jones, Executive Director for Next Village San Francisco. “Our partnership with City CarShare will not only allow us to expand our volunteer base, but will also provide greater transportation options for seniors in the northeast part of San Francisco through access to City CarShare vehicles.”

Vesta Kirby is a San Francisco resident currently benefitting from this partnership. Kirby is an 86-year old working artist who lives on the second floor in an elevator-less, rent-controlled building in Russian Hill.  Her two back surgeries have made it difficult to climb up and down hills. Just getting up the extra steps leading to the door of her building, in the lobby and up to her apartment, is challenging enough.

“After becoming a Next Village member in 2012, my saving grace has been Next Village volunteers Masa and Jonee,” said Kirby. “One of them picks me up in a Toyota Prius from City CarShare and we visit my usual shops, including Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Walgreens and occasionally, a stop at the arts store for supplies.”

“This partnership is directed towards people such as Vesta,” added Hutchinson. “We are proud to be able to play a part in expanding mobility options to members of our community who need assistance to meet their daily needs. An added bonus of this partnership is the opportunity for people to get out and experience our great city, something that can be challenging for many.”

City CarShare is the greenest carshare organization among those offering a variety of vehicle models to its members. Its fleet averages just under 50 miles per gallon, based on EPA standards and has reduced C02 emissions in the Bay Area by 600 million pounds since its inception in 2001.

About City CarShare

City CarShare is a Bay Area nonprofit that provides convenient, affordable access to shared cars in order to reduce individual car ownership and usage. City CarShare’s goals are to remove 20,000 cars from the road by 2020; convert half of the fleet to all-electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid by 2015; and save the Bay Area $1 billion over the costs of owning a car by 2020. With a mission to improve the environment and quality of life in our cities, City CarShare makes its service convenient, reliable and affordable so that people will prefer using City CarShare to owning their own car. In doing so, City CarShare members are reducing traffic, parking problems, and dependence on oil–while promoting cleaner air, quieter streets, and more open space. City CarShare saves its members an average of $8,400 a year each over the costs of car ownership and upkeep.

For more information visit www.citycarshare.org. Follow City CarShare on Facebook and Twitter.


About Next Village San Francisco

Next Village San Francisco is a multi-generational, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide support to seniors who wish to age in place. They also work to reduce social isolation by hosting social, cultural and educational activities for residents in the northeast corner of San Francisco.

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