Carsharing is the freedom to use a car without owning one. It’s more than mobility, it’s a movement.

Carsharing is smart: you get to use a car without owning one. It’s making life greener and more affordable for all of us.

Carsharing is the freedom to break loose from the hassles and costs of owning a car. It’s the flexibility to choose your vehicle – or no vehicle at all, when walking, biking, or taking the train makes more sense. It saves you a ton of money. And it saves the Bay Area a ton of greenhouse gas emissions.

Carsharing is not waking up at 6am to move your car. It’s not circling for parking at the end of your trip. It’s not spending a Saturday afternoon waiting for an oil change. It’s not a hassle, or expensive, or the source of needless pollution and traffic.

City CarShare: Affordable. Convenient. Green. With City CarShare, you get 24/7 access to a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, without the hassles of car payments, maintenance costs, or insurance premiums. It gives you the flexibility to go where you need to go, without paying bills you shouldn’t have to pay.

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Our service benefits more than just our members.  Because last year, our members did more than save $100 million over car ownership. They also helped the Bay Area cut down on driving in a major way. And by taking all those cars off the road, we’ve cut CO2 emissions by millions of pounds over the last 10 years. Even better, City CarShare is nonprofit. So every cent of our membership fees goes back into making carsharing better, more convenient, and greener for you.

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