Save up to $8,400 a year. And not coincidentally, the planet. (We've only got one. We probably shouldn't mess it up.)

If you only drive when you need a car, the savings add up fast. That’s the economic (and environmental) magic of City CarShare.

Leave the hassles of car ownership behind, and you’ll discover plenty of extra cash in your wallet. Not to mention the fun of driving over 20 different types of vehicles. Reserve them from anywhere, then drive them away at hundreds of Bay Area locations.

But City CarShare doesn’t just cost less. It makes you feel good inside. By driving only when you need to, as most carsharers do, you’ll help take cars off Bay Area roads. That means less traffic, less pollution, less oil dependence, and fewer headaches for all of us. (Not to mention more beautiful green space, room for more homes, and fewer parking lots.)

Over the last 10 years, City CarShare members have reduced the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere by millions of pounds. That’s because they’re driving less—over a million miles less last year than the year before. Not coincidentally, they also saved $100 million in transportation expenses over car ownership.

With City CarShare, you’ll never have to worry about car payments, insurance, or repairs. Use our cars like they’re yours. Then, let us take good care of them for you. And if you ever get in trouble, our locally based roadside assistance keeps you moving 24/7.

Your turn.

Make a real, green difference. Join today for convenience, great rates, and Bay Area pride you can’t get anywhere else. Need more information? Check out our member benefits, or discover a plan that’s right for you.

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