1: Are you at Point A?
2: Do you sometimes need to get to Point B?
3: Would you like to do that without a huge monthly car payment?

Carsharing. For people who need a car… sometimes.

City CarShare is your most convenient, affordable option if you don’t have a car but occasionally wish you did; if you already have a car, but don’t drive it every day; if you have a second car that only gets used once in a while; or if your car just “died,” but you don’t plan to replace it.

City CarShare is also a great option if you take public transportation, but sometimes need a car; share a household car, but need a second car to taxi your kids around; like to bop around at night or get out of town on the weekends; or operate a business and need a car to help run it.

Small businesses like City CarShare because it lets their employees pick up supplies without investing in a full-time car. Big businesses like it because it helps employees get to their clients and meetings.

And if you rely on a mobility device, we invite you to take advantage of our AccessMobile. It goes beyond carsharing to a whole new transportation option.

Your turn.

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