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Our remote access, tech-centric service sure is convenient. You’d never know about all the friendly folks who bring carsharing to your mobile devices and neighborhoods. So check us out and read our stories. You never know. You might find a story that’s about you!

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  • Adam, Fleet Services
    Sailing, live music,

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  • Adan, Member Services
    Running, Reading, Eat

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  • Andrew, Member Services
    Cooking, eating, sail

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  • Anita, Marketing Services
    Racquetball, knitting

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  • Bob, IT Services
    Ballroom dancing

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  • Brent, Operations

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  • Christina, Marketing Services
    Soccer, hiking, hangi

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  • Dedrick, Electric Fleet Services
    Traveling and eating

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  • Desmond, Fleet Services
    Sketching and fixing

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  • Emily, Admin Services
    Playing rugby

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  • Eric, Member Services
    Travelling, reading,

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  • Greg, Fleet Services
    Home-brewing beer &

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  • Jana, Finance Services
    Rock climbing

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  • Kim, Member Services
    Reading, Taking walks

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  • Philip, Finance Services
    Petting kittens, tick

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  • Ray, IT Services
    Bike riding

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  • Tenise, Member Services
    Spending time with da

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  • Rick, CEO