We're the Bay's only nonprofit carsharing organization. Why do we do it? Two reasons: so everyone can get around without owning a car. And so our cities stay beautiful and a bit more affordable for a long, long time.

Our Programs.

For us, “Access for All” isn’t just a nice-sounding PR slogan. We mean it. And since we don’t have to worry about profits we can afford to mean it. That’s why we create and maintain programs to make sure everyone can get around. With our service, those who use wheelchairs can share cars. So can people who can’t afford to own a car, or simply don’t want to. 

Because at City CarShare, we understand the difference between a customer base…and a community. 

AccessMobile - We’re proud to have launched the nation’s first wheelchair-accessible carshare vehicle. Over 100 people use our accessible service on their own schedules, without having to own a very expensive equipped van. Learn more. 

CommunityShare – We work with partner organizations (including affordable housing programs) to serve those in the low to moderate income bracket by subsidizing their membership service fees and driving costs. It’s another way we’re working to expand access to carsharing for more people. Learn more.

A Greener Ride – We’re shrinking the Bay Area’s carbon footprint. All of our cars are fuel and emissions efficient, and close to 1/2 of our fleet includes hybrids, Electric Vehicles (EVs), and Plug in Electric Hybrids (PHEVs). Learn more. 

Education & Advocacy –  We’re working hard to share the word on what carsharing can do for urban hubs and our planet. And we work with policy makers, urban planners, developers, and researchers to support smart, alternative mobility policies. Learn more. 

Car Sharing Association (CSA) Membership – We’re working together with other independent carshare providers worldwide, to support and define carsharing models for a greener world where community comes first. Learn more. 

Your turn.

Make a real, green difference. Join today for convenience, great rates, and Bay Area pride you can’t get anywhere else. Need more information? Check out our member benefits, or discover a plan that’s right for you.

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