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When you’re done with your tech workshop, your kickboxing class, and your double iced espresso, you can join us.

Be a part of something big. A smarter city. A better world.

We’re a nonprofit. So clearly, we’re not in this to make money. We have bigger goals in mind. Like making our air easier to breathe. And making life a little easier to live.

Join us as we:

  • Take 20,000 cars off Bay Area roads by 2020
  • Save the Bay Area $1 billion over the cost of car ownership by 2020
  • Offer a greener ride to our members, with at least half our cars running on alternative fuel by 2015

Get mobilized.

San Francisco Bay Bridge

Say no to car payments. Say yes to a simpler life. Join City CarShare now.

Your membership service fee goes a long way. As a local nonprofit, we put every dime we earn back into our community with programs like AccessMobile and CommunityShare.


But you can do even more. This is your Bay Area, and what you do matters.


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Get involved. And watch the Bay Area turn greener.