(Oct. 2012) City CarShare CEO to Speak at Annual Sustainability Leadership Summit

Rick Hutchinson, City CarShare CEO, will Discuss Urban Carsharing at the Meeting of the Minds Conference in San Francisco, October 9-11, 2012

San Francisco – City CarShare CEO Rick Hutchinson will speak at the annual Meeting of the Minds sustainability leadership summit taking place in San Francisco, October 9-11, 2012. Meeting of the Minds will assemble more than 250 invited global urban sustainability leaders from more than a dozen countries to explore an array of sustainability topics ranging from urban design, planning and policy to innovations in transportation and technology. Rick Hutchinson, CEO of the Bay Area nonprofit City CarShare, is a featured speaker on the subject of urban carsharing and will present in a “The Successes and Failures of Car Sharing – What is Next?” workshop.

Hutchinson will discuss City CarShare’s environmentally sensitive approach to carsharing, the compatibility of carsharing with new peer-to-peer (P2P) services and City CarShare’s role in state and local legislation impacting the industry.

 “Urban transportation innovations such as carsharing are a key part of a successful and sustainable future for municipalities around the world,” says Rick Hutchinson, City CarShare CEO. “I’m honored to participate in this dynamic global conversation among so many esteemed leaders in urban sustainability.”

The Meeting of the Minds summit is organized by nonprofit institutions Regional Plan Association and Urban Age Institute along with key partners Presidio Graduate School and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Meeting of the Minds 2012 is presented by Toyota.

About City CarShare

City CarShare is a Bay Area nonprofit that provides convenient, affordable access to shared cars in order to reduce individual car ownership and usage. City CarShare aims to remove 20,000 cars from the road by 2020, run half their fleet on electric or alternative fuel by 2015, and save the Bay Area $1 billion over the costs of owning a car by 2020. With a mission to improve the environment and quality of life in our cities, City CarShare continually strives to make their service so convenient, so reliable, and so affordable that people will prefer using a City CarShare car to owning their own. In doing so, City CarShare members are reducing traffic, parking problems, and dependence on oil–while promoting cleaner air, quieter streets, and more open space. For more information visit www.citycarshare.org. Follow City CarShare on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information about Meeting of the Minds, visit: www.meetingminds2012.org

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