(Aug. 2005) City CarShare Opens Two New Locations in the East Bay

San Francisco (August 3, 2005) – City CarShare launched two new locations at East Bay BART stations today as part of a major Bay Area expansion. Both the MacArthur BART station in Oakland and the North Berkeley BART station now have new 2005 Toyota Prius hybrids available for hourly rentals. City CarShare today has 44 Bay Area locations, including 16 in the East Bay. 
The new locations and new vehicles are part of City CarShare’s ongoing program of providing Bay Area residents with convenient neighborhood locations where they can choose from different vehicle types, including hybrids, trucks and wagons. City CarShare has more than 4,000 Bay Area residents who rely on their low-cost access to cars. 
“The City of Berkeley is proud to be a strong partner with City CarShare,” said Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates. “We welcome the addition of these new locations – they are part of our continuing work with City CarShare to reduce pollution, traffic and parking problems in our neighborhoods.” 
Berkeley Councilwoman Linda Maio added, “It’s exciting to think that neighbors and riders will have access to those spiffy new City CarShare hybrids at North Berkeley BART. It’s easy to sign up, the cars are enviro-friendly, and with CarShare at BART you can rethink the expense and responsibility involved in owning your own car. They take care of everything!” 
City CarShare expects the new BART station cars will be used by people who live near the cars and also by San Franciscans who want to use BART to avoid bridge traffic and still have access to a car on the other side of the Bay. Many of City CarShare’s East Bay members currently rely on City CarShare vehicles located at San Francisco BART stations when they travel to the city and want access to a car. 
“City CarShare is perfect for people who want to pick-up and go – whenever and wherever they need a car – without worrying about gas prices, finding a parking space or dealing with a mechanic,” said Eliot Dobris, City CarShare’s director of marketing and communications. “Because insurance, gas and reserved parking are always included – not to mention cleaning and maintenance — City CarShare members prefer our service to owning a car.” 
City CarShare offers a convenient, low-cost way to drive that is better for the environment. Last-minute or advance reservations can be made online or by phone for any length of time from half-an-hour to half-a-day or more. Members can immediately access their vehicle at their neighborhood location without further paperwork or delay. 
City CarShare also has over 100 business members to date and is expanding its successful company fleet-replacement options as car-sharing has proved cheaper and easier than owning and maintaining a fleet for many businesses. 
A recent UC Berkeley study showed that each day, City CarShare saves 13,000 miles of vehicle travel, 720 gallons of gasoline, and 20,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each day. Since that time, City CarShare’s membership has more than doubled.
About City CarShare
Launched in 2001, City CarShare is the largest nonprofit car-sharing organization in the U.S., serving over 4,000 active members with over 90 vehicles in more than 45 locations throughout the Bay Area for $4/hour and 44¢/mile. Prices include gas, insurance, parking, cleaning, and maintenance. A cheaper, greener way to drive, City CarShare offers a choice of compacts, pickup trucks, hybrids, and stylish green VW Beetles to its individual and business members. For more information or to become a member, visit www.citycarshare.org or call (415) 995-8588.