(Jan. 2012) New to the Neighborhood – City CarShare Arrives in Bayview!

(San Francisco, CA) – City CarShare, a local nonprofit carsharing organization, has launched two new locations in the Bayview neighborhood. In addition to City CarShare’s on-street vehicle located at the intersection of Carroll Avenue and 3rd Street, another new “Pod” location will be one block away on Armstrong Avenue and 3rd Street, in the Armstrong Place Senior Housing development.

As the first carshare service provider in Bayview, City CarShare’s goal is to add carsharing to the growing network of transportation options in the Bayview community. City CarShare will also be partnering with Armstrong Place Senior Housing, to implement a discounted membership program for qualifying residents. This special City CarShare program, called CommunityShare, provides subsidized memberships and reduced driving rates to low/moderate income individuals and families. City CarShare will enable individuals and families to have access to cars without the high costs ($500-$700/month) of car ownership.

“I am very excited to be championing this effort with City CarShare to bring additional needed transportation resources to the Southeast neighborhoods. Residents currently have poor access to reliable public transportation options, and increasing access to carsharing will greatly expand mobility options for residents, local merchants, and visitors” said Supervisor, Malia Cohen.

CommunityShare is a program providing affordable memberships and driving costs to low income residents, through partner organizations. City CarShare is currently expanding CommunityShare to various affordable housing developments and assistance programs in San Francisco and the East Bay. Currently, City CarShare partners with Glide Economic Development Corporation, Mercy Housing, Resources for Community Development, and Working Families Credit. Armstrong Place Senior Housing will be City CarShare’s newest CommunityShare partner.

“City CarShare is focused on providing social and environmental benefits to all the communities we support. Introducing CommunityShare to Bayview through our partnership with Armstrong Place will not only provide a new transportation option to the neighborhood, it will enable residents to save thousands of dollars each year over the costs of owning a vehicle,” said Rick Hutchinson, CEO of City CarShare.

More information on City CarShare can be found at citycarshare.org.


About City CarShare

City CarShare (CCS) is a Bay Area nonprofit that provides convenient, affordable access to shared cars in order to reduce individual car ownership and usage. CCS aims to remove 20,000 cars from the road by 2020, run half its fleet on electric or alternative fuel by 2015, and save the Bay Area $1 billion over the costs of owning a car. With a mission to improve the environment and quality of life in our cities, CCS continually strives to make its service so convenient, so reliable, and so affordable, that people will prefer sharing a CCS car to owning their own. In so doing, CCS members are reducing traffic, parking problems, and dependence on oil–while promoting cleaner air, quieter streets, and more open space.

For more information, visit www.citycarshare.org or contact Laura Haber at 415-970-6233, lhaber@citycarshare.org.