Our Member Benefits

Being a City CarShare member, you get to enjoy certain benefits like FasTrak®, special Tell a Friend Credits, exclusive discounts at neighborhood businesses, ways to reduce your insurance deductible, and even save on locally-based carsharing in other cities and countries.

Experience the Benefits of a City CarShare Membership

Experience the Benefits of a City CarShare Membership


Waste less gas. And less time.

In the 21st century, sitting around in a slow-moving toll lane is ridiculous. So is digging in your pocket for cash. That’s why every City CarShare car, truck, and electric ride is FasTrak-enabled. That means you can breeze right through the FasTrak-only lane each time you cross a Bay Area bridge. You don’t need to sign up for FasTrak separately, either. The toll just shows up on your City CarShare bill.


Share the idea of carsharing. Since you’ll earn free driving credits, you’ll be glad you did.

Now you can earn driving credits when you sign up a friend, relative, neighbor, client, colleague, or company for City CarShare.

Tell-a-Friend – Refer other drivers and businesses, and get special discounts.

Tell-a-Friend – Refer other drivers and businesses, and get special discounts.

Earn sweet driving credits when you share.

To earn tell-a-friend credits, just have your friend or employer include your name and Member ID in their online City CarShare application. We’ll take care of the rest.

Member Perks

With your membership, get free or discounted stuff from participating local businesses. Your City CarShare key fob unlocks a lot more than that cherry-red Mini Cooper. You also get discounts and other perks, just for being a member. 

We appreciate neighborhood businesses and the local community.

The thing is, local businesses and organizations love carsharing. It brings them new shoppers, frees up parking spaces, makes their air cleaner, and supports the local economy. So they’re glad to encourage it. In fact, lots of Bay Area business owners are City CarShare members themselves.

Get discounts from any of these Bay Area-based partners, when you show your City CarShare membership:


Spend $1 to save $450? That’s a smart investment.

Each City CarShare car includes insurance. Our standard policy covers you up to $1 million per incident.

For individual household members, if you or anyone on your account is unlucky enough to have a at-fault accident, you pay a $500 deductible.

For business accounts, the deductible is $1000. That’s low, as deductibles go.

But your deductable can go a lot lower. Like a tenth of that.

With our Buck-to-Deduct program, you can choose a deductible of just $50 for any reservation you make.

We’ll ask you whether you want to go with Buck-to-Deduct every time you or any one on your account reserves a car—or you can set it as a default option if you want. Use it when you’re going into uncharted territory, or when you just want to be extra-cautious.


Roam if you want to. Across America. Around the world. Our partners are everywhere.

If you’re a City CarShare member, you have options. We’ve partnered with other carsharing organizations to make out-of-town transportation convenient, affordable, seamless, and fun.

All our partners offer something special, from free membership to discounted rates. So when you make your travel plans, get in touch with them.

Visiting the Bay Area?

Partnership works both ways. If you carshare with one of our listed Roaming Parners, congratulations – you can also access our fleet when you’re here.

Our Roaming program gives you convenient, affordable transportation around the Bay, with no application fee or deposit.

To sign up, visit our online application form. In the promotion code field, enter CSOGUEST. Then, under “Notes,” list your home carshare provider and Member ID. (City CarShare will request your driving record and verify your payment history with your home carshare organization.)