Our Mission

We’re here for just one reason: to make the Bay Area a more livable place.

City CarShare is the only nonprofit carsharing service in the Bay Area. We’re a local organization with a mission to improve the environment and quality of life in our communities by promoting innovative mobility options. We provide convenient, affordable access to carsharing so that, together, we can reduce car dependency – and have a measurable impact in the way our communities live, breathe, work, and play.

Our Launch.

In 2001, a handful of independent transportation activists saw the Bay Area crying out for a smart alternative to car ownership. They leased a dozen VW Beetles, and voilà: City CarShare was born.

Today, we’re a passionate nonprofit organization with tens of thousands of members, hundreds of fuel-efficient cars, and programs that give back (every dime) to our communities. All with one shared goal: making our home a better place to live.

More than a decade since our launch, we’re still the most affordable carsharing service around, thanks to our unique mileage-based system. In fact, our low hourly rates with mileage fees actually save you money vs. other services with flat hourly rates. And since we’re born, bred and based right here, we understand what’s important to our members: affordability, convenience, and a greener Bay Area.

Our goals. (Making a profit isn’t one of them.)

We’re a local organization, not a for-profit corporation with deep pockets. So every dollar coming in to City CarShare goes right back into our communities through our programs and sustainable carshare model. We keep our prices as low as possible, to make carsharing available to as many people as we can.

On our 10-year anniversary in 2011, we set 3 very big, very measurable goals to make sure those dollars are making a difference.

  1. By 2020: Reduce traffic by removing 20,000 cars off Bay Area roads.
  2. By 2015: Reduce the environmental impact of our cars by converting half of our fleet to electric or alternative fuel.
  3. By 2020: Reduce our members’ collective driving costs by one billion dollars (vs. car ownership).